Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Endless Misery

Chronological-Order Article                                                   Composed by: Rendi Afriadi

In seeking knowledge, some students should live far away from their family because their schools, colleges or universities are distant from where their parents reside. Some prefer staying in the dormitory, provided by their schools, colleges, and universities; others would like to stay in the boarding house rather than the dormitory. I belong to the latter. As a student who lives far away from their parents, I also feel like others do, the longing of coming back home. Therefore, weekend and holiday is an enjoyable moment for me since it is the time to back to my parents. However, this enjoyable moment can turn out to be a silly unforgettable moment for some students and me as well. Some embarrassing things which made me cancel to come back home took place when I was going back home from Bukittinggi to Malalak.
Everything started to be messy in my school and my rent house. I was at the second grade of Islamic senior high school at that time.  At five o’clock, my class was over due to an unexpected extracurricular activity that I had to join in. If had not followed it, I would have gotten bad mark . Accordingly, I had to follow it although I wanted to come home on that day. As soon as I finish joining the activity, I came back to my boarding house hurrily, almost running. Alas! I fell down on the way to my boarding house where my friends were waiting for the public car ; consequently, everybody laughed at me. Upon arriving in my boarding house, I packed my belongings hurrily because I was afraid of missing the bus. When I was going to take my money in my wardrobe, I did not find my key. I searched it in every corner in my bedroom but it wasn’t there so I borrowed some money from my friend and he was willing to lend me some. After getting the money, I directly waited for the public car to Pasar Bawah in front of my rent house. I thought it was the ending but it wasn’t.
The suffering still continued till the end of my journey even more terrible ones. Finally, I got the public car after standing a few minutes in front of my boarding house. Everything ran smoothly in the public car until I saw some passengers were giggling or even bursting into laughter. Firstly, I kept staying cool as I did not know what they were laughing at, but when I saw my feet I realized that they were laughing at me because of the different slippers in my feet, Carvil on the left and Swallow on the right. It was so embarrassing me that I directly get off the bus because of being ashamed. Unfortunately, I could not change my slippers as my money was not enough to buy the new one, so I tried to be confident with different slippers in my feet. The rain fell heavily when I arrived at Jam Gadang. I had to wait for the rain to stop, standing confidently with my different slippers. I noticed some people laughed at me but I pretended that there was nothing happening. The heavy rain stopped at an half to six and something more embarassing was waiting for me. Firstly, I was in doubt to continue my journey, for it was too late and I would not be able to catch the bus; however, I insisted on continuing my journey to come home. Janjang Gudang, where I should walk down from Jam Gadang to take the public car to Padang Luar, was really slippery because of the heavy rain. Because of being hurry, I was falling down while walking on that place. Again, I was laughed by everyone but some of them showed symphaty rather than laughter. I changed my clothes in the public rest-room and then continued my journey. On the way to Padang Luar, I was afraid that I would not catch the bus since it was a quarter to six. As Saturday is trading day in Bukittinggi, I was trapped by traffic jam in Jambu Air. I arrived at the place where the bus to my village was when athan magrib was sounded from the mosque and there was no bus left. Such a bitter day was that day.
To conclude, sometimes, the enjoyable moment of coming home can be a horrible experience that cannot be forgotten. To prevent from this bad experience, students living far away from their parents should prepare for their journey to come home very well. If they do not prepare well, they may experience the same thing as I did.



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