Thursday, December 12, 2013

Classroom Management in English Conventional Classroom and English Course Classroom

Comparison-Contrast article                                                              Composed by: Rendi Afriadi
            Classroom management, the way teacher engages in the classroom, is something crucial in teaching and learning process as well as English. The successful classroom management in teaching and learning English will lead to the successful language learning outcome. In terms of classroom setting, teaching and learning English process falls into two categories namely, conventional classroom and course classroom. Theoretically, classroom management in both settings shares several similarities as well as disparities.
            The learning materials provided by the teacher, the necessity to create good social classroom environments and the way to get to the next levels are major similarities of classroom management in conventional classroom setting and course classroom setting. To begin with, teaching in both classroom settings will demand the teachers to provide interesting learning materials since it will make students enjoy studying the materials taught by the teacher. If students enjoy the taught materials, they will be easy to master them. Hence, it is important that the teacher give materials which are interesting for the students whether they teach in conventional class or course class. Teacher teaching in both classrooms will also have to create good social classroom environments, the relationship between classroom inhabitants. The good relationship between teacher and students and between students and other students will highly contribute to the good learning outcome; on the other hand, the bad relationship among them will lead to the bad learning outcome. Thus, teacher in both classrooms must create the former condition and avoid the latter one. In addition to the provided materials and good social classroom management, the way students to get the next level is another similarity of classroom management in conventional and course classroom setting. In both classrooms setting, students must pass somekind of test given by the institution they are studying in.
            Apart from having several similiraties, classroom management in conventional classroom setting and course classroom setting also have two major differences. Firstly, managing classroom in conventional and course classroom will lead to the different designed material. Unlike in the conventional classroom in which the material is designed based on the curricula decided by the government,  material in the course classroom setting is designed based on students’ needs. Secondly, the flexibility of material also has differences in the conventional and course classroom setting. Teacher who teaches in the conventional classroom setting should stick to the material based on the government curricula; he/she can’t change it as they like. Course teacher, however, is able to change the material along the period of the time; they do not have to stick to such strict curricula.
            In conclusion, managing classroom in conventional and course classroom setting will lead teacher to manage in the same way and also in the different way. To make the students get the good learning outcome, teachers need to manage the classroom successfully whether they teach in the conventional classroom or course classroom.



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