Monday, June 6, 2011

About Celts

Throughout human history, there have been groups of people that influence us right up until today. One of these influential groups of individuals is the Celts. Celts are any group of people that are originally from Europe. They can also be related to people who used the Celtic language and manifests cultural influences significant to Celtic art.
There have been a number of archaeological finds that attest to the magnificence and the existence of Celts all throughout history. They basically reveal a common European origin. When the Roman Empire conquered most parts of Europe, the Celts were said to adopt a number of Roman cultures and traditions as well. Christianity spread and several Celtics did convert to Christianity, especially in parts of Britain and Ireland.
During the renaissance era, sometime between 400 and 1200, medieval Celtic art was very popular. During the 17th century, the interest in antiquities came about, which brought about the popularity of Celtics and Celtic art. This brought patriotism and nationalism of the Celtic culture. This somehow extended the Celtic culture until almost the 19th century. During this time, there are parts of Europe where the Celtic language was still in use.
In modern culture, the term Celtic is used to describe the culture and language of European countries including Brittany, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Wales, Spain, Scotland and Ireland. There are a number of modern languages that are still in use today that resembles the Celtic language. These languages basically originated and influenced by the said language. Some of these languages include Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, and the Brythonic language.


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